Jeff Lee

Mission Statement

My name is Jeff Lee and I am running for Ward 73 Catholic School Board Trustee for the forthcoming election on Oct.16.2017. I am of Roman Catholic Faith and I decided to seek this electoral position because I realize how important it is to make a difference within the community through  publicly funded Catholic Education and the Catholic Faith.

Never has it been more important to elect a Catholic School Board Trustee who can represent your voice; someone who will act only in the best interest of the ward and its constituents.... I believe I can do so and will look forward to the work ahead.
I am running my campaign on three key points: Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency.

Integrity: The importance of having strong moral principles. When it comes to religion in the Catholic Education, religion classes should not be optional but one where all students should participate in as part of the Catholic School curriculum.

Accountability: Being held responsible for our actions. As your Catholic School Board Trustee, my job is to ensure the school jurisdiction meets the educational and financial guidelines issued by the government in compliance with the School Act and keeping with the teachings of the Catholic church.

Transparency: Information concerning education and funding needs to be more visible and accessible to the public. If elected, I will ensure the process is followed responsibly and respectfully to ensure transparency when it comes to funding and education.

While I have held no prior political office, those that know me, will speak of my countless hours and commitment to working and teaching children. I currently own a small learning centre in St. Gabriel School, I have travelled and worked behind the scenes for over a year now with the Aboriginal Community of Treaty 8. The most current bands that I have worked with is Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations and Tallcree First Nations. When it comes to education, I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education Degree both from the University of Alberta. I hope with hard work, commitment and my passion for Catholic Education I will earn your vote in this upcoming election.

I would like to be your voice on the Catholic School Board as your Trustee and I would like to count on your voice and your vote on October 16, 2017 to help me get there. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to you.